Stacking lines


During the last 20 years Brødbæk & Co. has developed a very wide range of flexible stacking solutions.

From a basic line just including a cross chain conveyor, a board singulator and a stacking machine to quite sophisticated high capacity solutions for 500 boards/min.

If the timber to be stacked is not fed directly from the saw line, the stacking process actually often starts with a wood pack that must be de-stacked to enter the stacking line.

The destacking can be handled transversally using a tilt hoist or a vacuum destacker.

Longitudinally the destacking can be handled by a hoist with push bar or a portal solution using vacuum.

Stick laying can be performed manually or using automatic stick cassettes.

Traditional sticks can be used or you can use boards as the ones you actually stack.

In stacking lines for layer cross cutting and timber for kiln drying the BCO Stick Robot is often implemented due to the very high flexibility and capacity of laying 10 layers/min. or 120 sticks per minute.

For very high capacity requirements the Pater noster stacking concept will match your needs. Bundles of boards will enter the vertical magazine. An adjustable number of boards will be kicked from the magazine, a complete layer will be double fair ended and led to the stacker.



    Destacking layers of timber 

High capacity stacking

    High capacity stacking machine

Stick Robot

    BCO Stick Robot


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Stacking lines