Edging lines

Brødbæk & Co. has developed and supplied very many edging lines and we have decades of valuable experience in this important business area.

The edging lines are supplied in several versions/capacities depending on cus-tomer’s requirements. 

The lines are processing boards freshly sawn as well as kiln dried boards and planks. 

The core element of the edging lines is the BCO 800/- series saw.

It has up to 6 individually adjustable saw blades and various systems for measuring and optimizing. 

Two operating systems are used:

  • A semi-automatic system with manual options. The operator is standing up as a supervisor. 
  • An automatic system with pre-pro- grammable parameters. The supervisor sits down and commands the line remotely.


Edging line Infeed

Edger BCO 800/60

Edger BCO 800/60

Edger saw blades
2 saw heads with up to 6 movable blades


Videoclip: Edging lines.
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