1954 Ib Obel Pedersen was founded

1965 Aagaard A/S was founded

1984 Brødbæk was founded by Bente og Kaj Brødbæk

1986 Uffe Sass Maskinfabrik A/S was founded

2000 Aagaard A/S purchases Finnrose A/S

2000 Asbjørn Thomsen purchases Ib Obel Pedersen

2002 Ib Obel Pedersen purchases Gamma and change name to Obel-P Group

2003 Obel-P Group purchases Uffe Sass

2004 Obel-P Group purchases Brødbæk

2006 Uffe Sass, Ib Obel Pedersen and Grama merge to Obel-P Automation

2008 Obel-P Group purchases Aagaard A/S